Ian Chrysler is an 18-year-old Canadian alternative hip-hop artist. For the past two years, Ian has been completely absorbed in music, refining his songwriting talents and distinct voice. He officially entered the spotlight during the last year, attracting fans with his deep vocals and diversified music style. Ian Chrysler’s ascension in the business has been rapid and astounding, and his most recent album, “Come Play,” demonstrates his skill in an altogether new light.

One of the most impressive aspects of Ian Chrysler’s artistry is his versatility. At just 18 years old, he exhibits a maturity in his music that belies his age. His ability to blend different genres and emotions into his music is a testament to his talent and potential. Ian’s approach to music-making allows him to touch on various themes, ensuring that each track resonates with a diverse audience.

Ian started his journey at the ripe age of 16, however, despite his relatively short time in the music industry, Ian Chrysler quickly made an impact with his first set of releases. “Loose Clouds,” one of his early singles, became a hit and gained substantial attention, providing a glimpse of the young artist’s potential.

Ian’s most recent song, “Come Play,” is a significant milestone in his growing career. This dance hip-hop single demonstrates Ian’s blossoming as an artist and lyricist, delving into the concept of love and the feelings that envelop us during such times. The song digs into familiar situations, transporting listeners to their most emotional times. “Come Play” exemplifies Ian Chrysler’s commitment to connecting with his audience with powerful beats and insightful lyrics.

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