“Afieroméni Stin” Came To Add More Gas to The Fuel and Blow Up The Name of Jonni Apollo At The Firmament Of Hip-Hop

Jonni Apollo is challenging the hip-hop world as he breaks all stigmas and redefines how rappers should look or sound. His new epic drop “Afieroméni Stin” is meticulous and ambitious, and about to blow up the artist’s name at the firmament of hip-hop culture. The track literally means dedicated to, and Jonni dedicated it to his daughter Zara Jeanne. 

“Afieroméni Stin” is overflown with a creative depth, authentic, and autobiographical elements firmly defying the rigid classification of Hip-Hop, yet it manages to offer a sophisticated spirituality. With “Afieroméni Stin,” Jonni Apollo invites you to his world and reverses the situation the way very few artists are capable of, by introducing you to your own demons. 

Jonni’s high-speed rapping and bass-heavy tone singing create the perfect mood for unapologetically sincere and straightforward lyricism. He shares his very intimate, profound experiences and thoughts while tackling the issues of depression, loss, uncertainty, and hopelessness. The artist connects with listeners by communicating his stories on the deepest level, and creates a safe place to go when lonely, helpless, afraid, or even happy.

The smoothness of Jonni Apollo’s bass heavy tone will strike you from any angle and leave you open and exposed in the most satisfying way possible.  “Afieroméni Stin,” filled with rapid multi-syllabic rhymes, is an emotional rollercoaster reflecting on his troubled past, current depression, and fear of not knowing if he will land a career as an artist, or have to stick to a 9-5 and settle down. 

With “Afieroméni Stin,” Apollo faces all his fears by taking you to a self-exposing journey with him. In the end, he turns it into a raging flame, ready to take on the world, and he wants you to learn that you can do the same.