AltoDZI; From Twitch and Instagram to signing to music label Klepto Records

alto-298x500 AltoDZI; From Twitch and Instagram to signing to music label Klepto Records

AltoDZI is a South Korean-born rapper, designer and psychologist in training. He is based in New York, United States of America. He is a highly talented and hardworking musician. Previously, he was known as Moniker Alto, and changed his stage name to AltoDZI. His love for music grows every day. That is the reason he turned his passion into his livelihood. Through his music, AltoDZI wants to inspire people and the younger generation. To pursue his dream of becoming the best rapper and musician, he became a full-time musician.

Music is the arrangement of sound to create some combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm, or otherwise expressive content. However, music can be used as a source of communication for its listeners also. Thus, music can affect a large proportion of the population. Being a musician also comes with responsibility, because people follow their lifestyle and way of living. Music leaves a lasting impression on them, so it becomes really necessary to make quality music with meaningful content.

AltoDZI makes unique music which impacts a person positively. People listen to music on a daily basis. One will feel good about himself listening to his music and rhythm. Being a South Korean also has its perks. AltoDZI can create music in multiple languages and target an audience of South Korea as well as the USA. He loved music from the beginning, and wanted to influence people through his music. His recent solo releases have generated significant media attention, leading to speculation of immense success in the future.

Initially, he became famous on Instagram and Twitch, where his fan following grew. He used his 60k following on Instagram and Twitch to showcase his talent, which gave him popularity and a huge fan following. He released his new singles “Control” and “Wide Awake”, which created hype in the audience. His songs were about love, relationships and were focused on more emotional and personal themes.

Recently, AltoDZI was signed by Klepto Records to make music with them. He wants to make music to make a difference in the world. Fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming projects and music collaborations. This super skilled artist is in an emerging phase. The way he started his music career with successful solo debut songs marks the beginning of a future music icon. Let’s see what this fresh musician has to offer in the future for our music industry.

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