Behind The Beats: Unraveling The Inspirations Of Ridley Bronson’s Recent Singles

Ridley Bronson

DJ/producer Ridley Bronson delves into the inspiration behind his track “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray,” drawing significant influence from ANOTR’s The Reset. The duo’s unique mix of acoustic 909 drums and electronic layers, offering a contemporary take on the classic disco vibe, profoundly captivated the musician.

Bronson shares that balancing innovation with familiarity was a central challenge in creating his latest releases;  “Flex My Drip” and “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray.”  He aimed for a novel yet recognizable sound to ensure listener accessibility while introducing fresh musical elements.

For his upcoming releases, Ridley hints at collaborations with female artists reminiscent of ’90s R&B, while expressing enthusiasm for incorporating real instruments, especially the Rhodes piano, into future songs to enhance melody and harmony.

As Bronson’s sampling technique has matured, leaning towards subtlety, he expresses interest in weaving a melody from Royel Otis into future projects. His inspirations extend beyond music, with Russ’s book  IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD and influential movies fueling his creativity, underscoring the importance of maintaining a playful and joyous outlook in his art.

Listen to “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray” here:

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