Blvck Corey Interview: New EP “Pvnther”, Inspirations, Custom Clothing Brand + More

Corey Lee McLendon, recognized by his stage moniker Blvck Corey, is as an independent Hip-Hop artist and songwriter hailing from Sandusky, OH. He recently delivered “PVNTHER,” a 5-track EP perfectly crafted and shaped by his recent experiences.

To shed more insight on the vulnerable new record, Blvck Corey sat down with HipHopSince1987 for an exclusive interview. He also speaks on his clothing brand, ‘Authentic User‘, his thoughts on today’s new sound(s), and what’s next for 2024!

Read in full below and be sure to stream “PVNTHER” soon after on your preferred DSP!

Your new EP “PVNTHER” is finally here, how does it feel?

Corey: “It feels great man! I really enjoyed putting this project together. I’m excited for the feedback on it from my listeners and fans! It was easy to get back into the studio to record “PVNTHER” after the success of ‘Colorful Language!” I’m just glad it’s now available for everyone to hear!”

What was the inspiration behind the project?

Corey: “[The inspiration behind] ‘PVNTHER’ was to give my audience a deeper insight of me as a artist. During the press run for ‘Colorful Language,’ my best friend Swaze was killed, so that really affected me [of course].  But when I finally got back into the studio, my first thought was a dedication track to him. Show him I’m still pushing through. “I also lost my mom in 2010, so they both inspirated “I WONDER.”


“I wrote “Fall” while on a flight to LA, and then recorded “Whispers” while my time there. At the time, I felt people weren’t taking me serious so I had to show them otherwise [really]. I was also going threw legal battles [at that same time] so it was also to show my son Michael that I love him and even in the darkest moments you can triumph. “PVNTHER” is really a deep insight into the life of Blvck Corey, so I hope you all love listening to it as much as I did recording it.”

Who are some other inspirations you draw from for your music?

Corey: Well first and foremost, my biggest inspiration is my family. Especially my son Michael, and my wife, who is very hands on with my career. As for artists who inspired me.. TIP [for sure] who is my favorite rapper. And the late, great… iconic,Tupac Shakur.”

You’re certainly an emcee who takes pride in his lyrics — what’s your thoughts on the new sub-genres (trap, drill, etc) of Hip-Hop today?

Corey: “While I may not be personally be drawn to those sub-genres .. I [do] appreciate the evolution of Hip-Hop. I believe for anything to maintain relevance, it must undergo transformation. It’s remarkable that Hip-Hop turned 50 this year.. so it was only natural for it to change. Nonetheless, there’s many emcees likes myself still maintaining the integrity… the real will always stay relevant, that’s what Hip-Hop is!”

You have your own brand called “Authentic User.” Tell us more about that and the inspiration behind the name and brand.

Corey: “Yes I’m very proud of my brand, Authentic User! It represents more than just a clothing brand.. it transcends specific groups and races.. catering to individuals of all backgrounds.. and for any occasion.! Embracing authenticity entails a detachment from fleeting trends, emphasizing unique designs, innovative concepts, and staying true to one’s genuine self.

“Authentic User is crafted for the everyday individual who proudly embraces their true self without concern for external opinions. Whether you identify as the neighborhood skater, a devoted Hip-Hop enthusiast, or a member of the LGBTQIA community, Authentic User offers something for everyone to express and showcase their distinct style!”

What can fans expect new from Blvck Corey?

Corey: I’m currently working on my next project titled “Novation,” which you can expect sometime in the first quarter of next year. I’m also working on a new “Authentic User” drop so be on the lookout for that! Its always fun designing different concepts so I’m happy to see that come alive. And of course, I have some visuals for “PVNTHER” .. I just haven’t decided which records yet! But stay tuned!”


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