Boogie Woods Never Takes Losses, Only Lessons

WhatsApp-Image-2024-06-13-at-3.47.14-PM-400x500 Boogie Woods Never Takes Losses, Only Lessons

Dayton, Ohio artist Boogie Woods has been on a great run lately, and is continuing his streak of releases with an amazing music video!

“No Losses Just Lessons” is a very vulnerable track by Boogie Woods that takes us behind the scenes of his mindset and outlook on the world, success, and adversity. You can hear the emotion and dedication that he’s put into his craft with every line that he says with masterful intent. In this song we also get to hear Boogie pour his pain over an instrumental as he recalls what he went through in 2019 when he lost his sight due to a brain tumor. However, he also shows us how deeply rooted and connected he is to his faith when he explains how he cries out to God in times of need, and was blessed to receive his vision back after the removal of his brain tumor.

In the music video for this deep track, Boogie kept the visuals to a minimum as to let the viewers see more emotion. This also allowed the viewers to pay more attention to what he is saying. It’s also important to note that even though there were no crazy visuals, this music video never lacked in visual quality.

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