Bow Wow Wishes He ‘Never Touched Music’

Bow Wow is sharing his regrets over getting into the music business.

The rapper-actor, whose career dates back over 20 years, made the revelation during a Q&A session with fans on Twitter.

“Do you have any regrets [in] the music business. If you could have done it all again, what would you change?” asked one fan.

Bow Wow surprisingly responded, “Just been an actor and never touched music.”

The F9 actor has expressed his frustration with music in the past. Ahead of his Verzuz battle with Soulja Boy in June, he revealed that his rap career stresses him out.

“This is the reason why I do movies and I do so much other shit it’s because the rap shit brings stress,” said Bow, who released his debut album Beware of Dog at age 13. “I do not f**k with rap. I hate doing this shit.”

However, he’s not done with rap quite yet. When another fan asked if he’s ever going to make music again, he replied, “Yes.”

Bow Wow hasn’t released a new studio album in over a decade, but last year, he announced plans to drop one more album before calling it quits.

“I’ma do one more album. It’s gonna be the last one and it’s gonna be called Before 30, and I’ma have Snoop narrate the whole thing,” he told “Ebro in the Morning.”