Bronx Drill Rapper Suave Drilly on the Rise

WhatsApp-Image-2024-02-03-at-10.20.59-AM-281x500 Bronx Drill Rapper Suave Drilly on the Rise

Meet Bronx drill artist Suave Drilly who was born in the Dominican Republic but came to the United States at the age of 3. Suave Drilly is very passionate as he states, “I’m from and represent the Bronx, New York not just the Bronx but Gunhill road and the Norwood area of the Bronx”. His first release in the Bronx drill scene came right before his arrest in June 2020. Suave’s first song titled “Opp Spotter” featuring his close friends, Spazz Drilly and another artist by the name of Good Day Ray has accumulated over 900k Views upon Suave being release from prison in January 2024. Suave’s goal is to achieve 1 million views on “Opp Spotter” and to stay focused on his music.

You can find the official music video on YouTube, Suave also states what motivates him to make music is not just for him, but for his people. Suave’s determined to keep the Drilly name running in memory of his fallen brother Dumout Drilly who passed away in 2018.

Suave has just dropped a fire new track for 2024 by the name of “Back on My Bully” shot by Klovisionz. Suave says “it was great to be back working hopefully someone recognizes the hard work. Shout out Spazz Drilly, Leeky Drilly, Milly Drilly, Swift Drilly, Non-Stop Drilly, Ddot Drilly, Bibby Drilly, Ek Drilly, Try Drilly, Bobby Drilly, Lee Drilly, Skino Drilly, 600 Drilly, free Bandobdd, free Tdot, free Lala, free Blane, free Rpt, free 94, free all of them. I’m willing to work with any artist upcoming or signed I don’t mind. I’m just getting back into the studio, so I rather work with different artists to perfect my craft”.

You can follow Suave on Instagram @officialsuavedrilly.

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