Charmian Devi Releases “No Peace” And “Radio Of None” Produced By Marc Urselli

In 2020, It’s hard to think of or find artists like Charmian Devi, who has decades of experience as a singer-songwriter, and has collaborated with legendary musicians such as Tony Garnier, Bob Dylan’s bassist, who describes her music as “raw, intuitive, and in tune with the times”. Produced by Marc Urselli, Charmian Devi’s newest singles are titled “Radio of none” and “No Peace,” both belonging in the alternative rock musical categorization. The minimalist ornamentation she often uses in her songs bring in the right dose of effect without ever seeming over-the-top, as she rightfully relies on her heavenly vocals and politically engaged lyrics, in the pure tradition of alternative rock music. She has worked with the greatest artists, and it instantly shows at first listen when listeners will hear “No Peace” or “Radio of None”.