Chuty Crowned 2023 Red Bull Batalla World Champion

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Red Bull Batalla is a global freestyle rap competition that, since 2005, has provided a platform for the best hip hop improvisors in the Spanish-speaking world to connect, develop and compete. Within the last few years, the Red Bull founded project has become the world’s biggest international freestyle battle competition, uniting Spanish speaking Latin America and Spain. The roots of this improvised rap scene are as deeply connected to hip hop as they are to the improvisation styles of traditional folk troubadours. It has evolved into a style completely distinct from that of hip hop in North America. With Batalla, Red Bull gives an opportunity for young MCs to train, perform and improve their improvisation and rapping skills.

The world´s largest Spanish-language freestyle rap competition, Red Bull Batalla, made its highly anticipated return to Colombia after a 17-year hiatus for an unforgettable night in Bogotá featuring the top MCs from across the globe. Spain’s Chuty took the 2023 crown after defeating Fat N in the final round, besting 14 other MCs from over 10 countries onstage at the sold out Movistar Arena, in Bogotá, Colombia. 

“I wouldn’t have thought I’d be here less than a year ago due to health concerns,” referring to the illness his father suffered and that Chuty shared at the top of the year. “I’ve made a return because of my loyal fans, as they deserve the best from me,” Chuty said as he received the elusive Red Bull Batalla World Final Championship belt coveted by his freestylers world-wide, only seconds after the jury deemed him the best MC in the Spanish-speaking world at the Movistar Arena.

The Spanish native, Sergio Castro Gisber, better known as Chuty, is highly regarded for his dominant double tempo flow and vicious punchlines. Chuty has been a three-time Red Bull Batalla Spain National Champion and has represented his country four times in the World Final – 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2023, where today he has been crowned international champion.

In the round of 16, he beat Spektro, then moving into the quarterfinals he dominated the Mexican Aczino, knocking him out of his three-time world championship streak and taking the crowd by storm. Chuty was then matched with the Argentinian MC Mecha in the semifinal and for the grand finale, with all eyes on the top two, Chuty’s voracious rhymes defeated the young 17-year old Fat N,  taking the victory and a title for his native country of Spain – who will play host to the 2024 Red Bull Batalla World Final.

For the first time in the illustrious history of Red Bull Batalla, the top two MCs were joined on stage by an artist – none other than the pioneer of the Reggaetón and Latin Trap, Arcángel, who made up one of the five judges for the international competition. Just ahead of the final round between Fat N and Chuty, the two MCs took part in an 8×8 cypher exchanging rhymes with the Puerto Rican superstar.

The panel of judges was composed of a collective of legendary personalities from the worldwide freestyle community including renowned Spanish rapper and 2016 Red Bull Batalla World Champion, MC Skone, two-time National Champion from Argentina, Dtoke, double Chilean National Champion Basek, Peruvian freestyler, seasoned Red Bull Batalla judge and creator of Plaza de Reyes, Joro. Hosting duties for the Red Bull Batalla World Final were handled by Colombia’s own Nazo and Arci, while famed Mexican freestyler Skiper and Red Bull Batalla Perú host, Kiara, were broadcasting to fans at home on the official Red Bull TV channels. Last but certainly not least, Mexican producer DJ Sonicko manned the turntables, delivering beats for each and every round.

The 2023 Red Bull Batalla World Final in Bogotá, Colombia participants include:


Round of sixteen matchups:

Fat N vs. Gazir

SNK vs. Reverse

Nitro vs. Abel

Oner vs. Jesse Pungaz

Yoiker vs. Diego

Éxodo Lirical vs. Mecha

Spektro vs. Chuty

Jota vs. Aczino

Quarterfinal matchups:

Fat N vs. Reverse

Nitro vs. Jesse Pungaz

Yoiker vs. Mecha

Chuty vs. Aczino

Semifinal matchups:

Fat N  vs. Nitro

Chuty vs. Mecha

Third Place matchup:

Mecha vs. Nitro 

Mecha, the MC from Argentina, emerged victorious and secured a direct spot for the 2024 World Final. 


Chuty vs. Fat N

The runner-up Fat N also earns a direct spot for the 2024 World Final, which will take place in Spain. 

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