Cocoa Jade’s Debut Single: “Call Me Up” Premieres on 97.9 The Beat’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood Morning Show in Greenville, Mississippi

Florida’s rising star, Cocoa Jade, has recently reached another milestone in her musical journey as her debut single “Call Me Up” resonated through the airwaves of Greenville, Mississippi. The track made its triumphant debut on the esteemed 97.9 The Beat, courtesy of the influential Big Boy’s Neighborhood Morning Show.

This groundbreaking moment marked more than just a radio premiere; it signified a significant stride in Cocoa Jade’s ascent in the music industry. The soulful beats and poignant lyrics of “Call Me Up” found a new home on the airwaves, captivating audiences in Greenville and beyond with Cocoa Jade’s unique blend of hip-hop and R&B.

The Big Boy’s Neighborhood Morning Show, known for its keen ear for emerging talent, recognized the infectious energy and undeniable talent embedded in Cocoa Jade’s debut single. The hosts enthusiastically introduced the track, setting the stage for listeners to experience the sonic journey crafted by this promising artist.

Listeners in Greenville, Mississippi, were treated to the silky vocals and sharp verses that define “Call Me Up.” The single’s themes of love, longing, and self-discovery resonated with a broad audience, capturing the essence of the human experience and establishing Cocoa Jade as an artist with a story worth listening to.

Cocoa Jade took to social media to express her gratitude for the support from 97.9 The Beat and the Big Boy’s Neighborhood Morning Show, recognizing the impact of having her music shared with a wider audience. The radio premiere not only introduced her to a new set of ears but also solidified her presence in the hearts of music enthusiasts in Greenville.

As “Call Me Up” continues to make waves on the airwaves, Cocoa Jade’s star power is undeniably on the rise. The Greenville debut serves as a testament to the universal appeal of her music, transcending geographical boundaries and proving that great music knows no limits.

For fans who discovered Cocoa Jade through 97.9 The Beat’s airwaves, the journey has just begun. As she continues to captivate audiences with her distinctive sound and heartfelt storytelling, the anticipation for what comes next is palpable. Keep your dial tuned to the frequencies of 97.9 The Beat, as Cocoa Jade’s “Call Me Up” marks a memorable chapter in the ongoing narrative of a burgeoning artist destined for greatness. Call Me Up has a release date of Feb.14th 2024 and will be available at all streaming services Worldwide.

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