David Munoz Drops Popular Single “Love Is Like a Crystal”

David-Munozs-Popular-Single-Love-Is-Like-a-Crystal-400x500 David Munoz Drops Popular Single “Love Is Like a Crystal”

Pulling back the curtain with an affirmation of love, “Love Is like a Crystal” quickly lays down a solid melodic groove to set the mood. The poppy feel delivers familiarity but with enough extra flair to keep listeners hooked – David Munoz is a singer and songwriter who comes through with that element of innocence and resonant sound that listeners deeply gravitate towards. He was trained vocally by legendary singer Don Ciccone (The Four Seasons) from Frankie Vallie. He is now a servant of God and is set to release gospel tunes very soon. His musical journey has been nothing short of inspiring and he is now a true testimony to where God has taken him and what he has done in his life and music.

His most popular track to date, “Love Is Like a Crystal,” reached #1 on the South African Latin Charts. In the beginning, the thunderclaps and rain melodic percussion create a captivating aura that unifies the vision and completes the product. The groove, lyrics, vocals, and overall feel all complement each other. The yum-ponding drums and shuffling bass draw in listeners and give life to this track.

The magic happens when the shakers, bass, and guitar interlock. The lead and backing female mellifluous and soulful vocals come together in a breathtaking vocal unity. Overall, “Love Is Like a Crystal” is a vibrant and upbeat romantic ballad that embodies love. A striking catchy groove to dance to while holding hands in glee and admiring their indescribable beauty!

Follow the attached link and open your musical senses to its glamour and let its splendor wash over your heart in the most blissful way you can imagine! This is the music we all want to listen to – this has to be your favorite song –stream it, save it under the favorites category on your playlist and spread the message about the scintillating music act “David Munoz”

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