Debon Johnson Jr. and De’Sean Johnson Takes the Field by Storm

66DC58D9-DE14-44B0-974E-41E6AC82D5B6-405x500 Debon Johnson Jr. and De’Sean Johnson Takes the Field by Storm

Debon Johnson Jr. and De’Sean Johnson was recently mentioned on the popular site Poetic Stories for their skills and talents. That’s a good look for the brothers as Poetic Stories gives high praise to high achievers. The two brothers were also recognized for their skills and athletic abilities in their hometown Pontiac, Michigan. The Johnson brother shares mutual wide receiver responsibilities in their high school careers. Capturing attention from scouts and fans as the brothers skills grows year after year.

Football season is in full effect and the Pontiac fans has been enjoying the ride. As Debon Johnson Jr. Embark on his senior career, we know he will finish strong with his stats. While wearing the number 1 on his back, Johnson is serving his number well. His younger brother De’Sean is right behind him holding up his end as well.

Debon Johnson Jr. and De’Sean Johnson are thriving athletic brothers that has taken the football world by storm. As they rip the field from Pontiac, Michigan, these brothers have left an indelible mark on the field with their speed, game-changing plays, and dedication to the game. As colleges seek out the next generation of football stars, Debon and De’Sean should be at the top of their lists. Their undeniable talent and potential make them a formidable force that any college program would be fortunate to have.

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