Dia Bogan Releasing her New Jam Dubbed “Waters”

Jason Dia Bogan Releasing her New Jam Dubbed “Waters”

Dia Bogan is a rarity among female musicians; she’s vastly gifted when it comes to singing, songwriting, dancing, and music production. She inspires a musical and visual art-form experience that invites all to sing and dance while inspiring positivity. Music is the universal language of all, and that’s the agenda Dia is pursuing. She is also a popularly acclaimed model whose striking beauty, poise, and elegance have melted the hearts of many and made her a recognizable force in the fashion industry. She is now attempting to incorporate the same successes into her music because, thanks to her musical family, music has always been a part of who she is. As she seeks to revel in her blissful creations with you by her side, she can only hope that this journey will go the distance, meet and surpass higher expectations, and be a source of immeasurable inspiration the world over!

She is so excited to announce the upcoming release of her new jam dubbed “Waters”- the first single that will officially drop on December 1, 2023. Signed to the boutique label Mission Control Recordings based in NY and distributed by The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music. On the same day as the song, a catchy music video will also drop.

Dia-Bogan-400x500 Dia Bogan Releasing her New Jam Dubbed “Waters”

Dia-Bogan-400x500 Dia Bogan Releasing her New Jam Dubbed “Waters”

Set to a moderate and intermediate-tempo R&B beat, Dia showcases her peerless vocal strengths, slinking through with her luscious, soulful, and exceedingly expressive vocals. Her voice carries such effortless power, and she hits all the right notes with her incredible range.

The layers and lyrical depth show the maturity of her thoughts. The vocals showcase her agility and range as a singer, and her dexterous execution showcases her unmatched level as a profound storyteller.

Delivered with subtle sensuality exuding deeply intimate feelings, this track explores those strong romantic feelings towards someone, delivered through Dia’s lenses.

“Waters” is undeniable ear candy, and the accompanying music video will elevate the song to newer and higher heights.

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