Dietrich. Shares Heartfelt New Single “Hollywood”

Dietrich Dietrich. Shares Heartfelt New Single “Hollywood”

Dietrich. has shared a new single, titled “hollywood”. Showcasing his versatile sound and potent songwriting, “hollywood” is half stripped-down and half plugged-in, blending acoustic and electric elements in a refreshing fashion. Emotive and raw, “hollywood” is a heartfelt look into the artist’s life and trials and tribulations, connecting deeply with the listener in the process with a relatable new drop.

“Hollywood” opens with emotional acoustic guitars as dietrich. enters with sharply-crafted melodies and a captivating mic presence. He wears his heart on his sleeve across vulnerable verses, before exploding into a cathartic hook as waves of powerful guitars and punk-influenced, lively percussion enters beneath. “hollywood” is a poignant new track from dietrich. overall, packed with both honesty and replay value. This new single finds him continuing to expand his diverse sonic palette with a memorable new release.

Regarding “hollywood”, dietrich. says “writing “hollywood” was my first time being honest in a song. Ironically, it was the easiest to write. This is my darkest, most terrifying story I’ve ever had to tell. I started to write “hollywood” almost immediately after waking up one morning in August, 2021. I went to rehab that September. I’d belt out the lyrics in this music room, over this old Fender acoustic they had. I got sober an was able to bring myself to make music again. I recorded the first demo of “hollywood” with my uncle at my grandma’s house”. 

Give dietrich.’s latest offering “hollywood” a listen and further familiarize yourself with this diverse artist: 

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