Dorian Breathes Unconditional Love On New Albums Songs In The Key Of Love (1&2)

New Jersey bred singer-songwriter Dorian is debuting a career in music in style with the release of his two debut records, two LPs that introduce him to the world of Hip-Hop, pop, and electro fans and music lovers, titled Songs In The Key Of Love. But his works goes beyond music,  and everyone showing interest in the struggle of an inspiring artist in search of a better future, and an individual who never gave up on achieving his dreams and overcoming his toughest life phases.Thanks to his faith in God, he has always continued believing that he could one day heal his pain, and inspire others to follow his path, and both his albums share with the listener an essential substance, both on an artistic level, but also on a much deeper level, thanks to the messages and inspirational approaches he exposes, all of it built around the understanding, feeling, and experience of unconditional love.