Exclusive Interview: LOMIJOH Speaks New Song “Don’t Let It Go’

How did growing up in New York City shape the music you create today?

Basically I grew up in Paris embracing my African roots (from cameroun) and European ones  (from Belgium and France) 

But I have always been attracted to NY in my childhood and always knew that I wanted to live there once in my life. And I’m grateful to say that it’s been 3 years now that I live in the city. When I’m in NY, I’m always filled with so much inspiration, feeling free in many ways and most importantly I can express myself. Here I’m feeling airy free, flying; it’s a smooth feeling mixed up with strong, rough and thoughtful emotions. And I think my music matches with what I felt towards New York, and highlights my personality so well.

How would you describe your music?

music is that just how it sounds or by just listening to the lyrics, you can feel something even in a different language than the one  you know. And I want people to feel what I want to say even if sometimes it can be ok in a very light way to say things in a deeper way. I want to share my spirit with people and open their hearts with all the influences that I got in my music, RNB SOUL jazzie HIP HOP. I want to break barriers and be able to tell a story no matter what “genre” it is, if I feel this mood.

Was it easy to transition from tennis, modeling, and law, to being an artist? Are there certain things that you learned in those fields that proved to be useful in music too?

I feel like I used to do différents things at the same time and sometimes I’m like damn why do I like to complicate myself so much lol. 

But you know, at the end my tennis career, law studies and modelling career taught me so much and strengthened my personality and made the person that I am today, and when I look at it, I feel like everything is connected because tennis and modelling are meant to share, express a kind of a show to people you have to deliver something for yourself, but most importantly for people since they are waiting for that, yes in a different way then music but still, it’s very close. 

Then with my law studies I developed the left side of my brain and organized my mind and for sure it will help me with music. 

So for me it’s not even a transition because everything is so liable that it’s more a continuity of what I always wanted In my life.

Who would your dream collab be with?

Drake, The Weekend. And I feel that if one day I’m in the same room as SADE and Alicia keys I’ll cry like a baby. They are my biggest inspiration.

Are you currently working on new projects?

Yes I’m planning to release my first rap single mid April so I’m very excited about it because I can show to people a different aspect of my personality because we all have that YING and YANG energy  inside of us.

Are you more of a recording artist, or a live performer?

I’ll tell you that when I’ll be able to do many live shows, so please let’s first get through this corona I swear I want to share !! Lol 

Please tell us more about your latest single “Don’t Let Me Go” and what it represents for you?

“Don’t Let Me Go” is one of my very first songs that I wrote. I wanted for people to recognize themselves in relationships and question themselves about how love is so important, and how we should listen to our heart instead of our logical thoughts. Because the easy way is to let go instead of taking care of the precious love and feeding it with water because love is like a plant. If you want it to grow you should put some water in it and if you stop doing it for months don’t expect that the plant will be the same.