Exclusive Interview: Rising Artist Sean Barrelz

1.) How would you describe your music?

Eclectic mixed with realism art.

2.) Tell us about your latest releases

“A Reason & Know What It Is” are two songs I did recently, at the spur of the moment. I have a woman/female single coming out titled “Let’s Vibe” in the first few days in August between the 1st & 3rd. I have a lot of female songs but I’m putting this one out first. I’ve put out a few street conscious singles. I had a lot of women & females asking me when I just be walking in the streets, “I’m feeling your other songs but can you make a woman/female song?”. So I’ma show & prove. 

3.) Describe your creative process

It depends on my mental state at the time, the environment & what’s going on in the moment, the hour or the day. It varies, I have many creative process’. 

4.) What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

I enjoy the process of creating & than actually creating.

5.) What is your main inspiration?

Experience & life. 

6.) What musician do you admire most and why?

I can’t answer that their’s to many (in all genres, mainly Hip Hop/R.A.P) Whatever title you want to use musician or artist, you can definitely hear them in my music from time to time when I’m quoting them (the reason’s I quote is because I can relate to that certain part or bar/bars in the song (at some point in my life, also I call it giving/paying dues & giving honor to those that did it before me in the process) or using a sample, selectively but not in all my songs. I’m from the birthplace of Hip Hop/R.A.P (The Bronx) & that’s what Hip Hop/R.A.P is creating your own style from your own mental & experience. I easily can create on the spot without writing or write anywhere I’m at, creating my own material. When I was in the pyschward the first time, I made “Destroy & Rebuild” off my mental in a “mental institution” after they called a “code on me”… (I wasn’t able to write at the time due to everything that was going on & what happened to me, but later I’ll be able to elaborate on my visit over there in physical interviews…) but I was able to create my own lyrics in my mental & piece together lyrics & samples I could relate to in that moment being in isolation (for that particular song after all the years I didn’t do music). But now that my mental is like at 97% healing, (I’ll get into that whole situation & talk mental health later in other interviews but for now I’ll leave it at that, I have a different lens on mental health after what I’ve been through…) I might stay to my own lyrics & story at this point. (depending on how I’m feeling when I’m in the creative process…)

7.) Peace to you is…

Peace to me would be just being with my Wiz & starting a family with her.

Peace to me is being with people that are loyal, I trust, care & got love for. (which is far & scarce)

8.) What’s next for you in 2023?

I’m not sure yet I do a lot, I’m indecisive. But definitely more material, audio & visual wise.

9.) Where can we find your latest releases?

All platforms. 

10.) Any last words for the readers?

Everything is everything, to each is own & love is love.

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