Exclusive Interview: Rising Artist Sir Sean

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What is your name and what city do you rep?

My name is Sir Sean and I’m from LA, currently in Las Vegas

Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?

My latest songs: ImJu$tADouCHE and F***BOY Summer are a culmination of my experiences and emotions translated into music. My inspiration is from personal growth, societal issues, and the power of self-expression. Each song is a reflection of my journey in this tricky puzzle we call life and not wanting to be confined to a box as I aim to inspire and resonate with listeners on a deeper level.

What is unique about you and your music?

My ability to blend different genres and styles, creating a unique sound that defies categorization. My music combines raw truthful comedic storytelling, introspective lyrics, and infectious rhythms, offering a dynamic and captivating experience for the audience. I strive to bring authenticity and a fresh perspective to the rap and entertainment scene.

What shaped your music?

My music is shaped by the diverse range of experiences I’ve had in my life. From growing up in the inner cities of LA and New York to traveling the world, I’ve been exposed to different cultures, perspectives, and musical influences. These experiences have helped me develop a versatile and eclectic approach to music, allowing me to connect with people from all walks of life. The world is a complex place, and I have spent a lifetime studying it. I want my experiences to be told through my art.

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

Music has always been a part of me, but I knew I wanted to pursue it professionally when I saw the impact my music and storytelling had on others. Seeing how my words and melodies could touch people’s hearts and inspire them to overcome challenges made me realize the power of music as a platform for change. After seeing so many people lose their lives and livelihood during the pandemic, it pushed me into overdrive to make the commitment to devote myself fully to my craft.

What type of music do you listen to?

Growing up as a music head I enjoy exploring different genres such as funk, hip-hop, R&B, soul, jazz, alternative rock, and even classical music. I find it helps by immersing myself in diverse sounds, I find inspiration and new ways to push the boundaries of my own creativity.

What inspires you to write music?

Life and human nature itself is my greatest inspiration. The beauty and struggles of the human experience, social issues, personal growth, and the power of love and resilience all play a significant role in my songwriting. I’m motivated by the desire to create music that resonates with people, empowers them, and encourages them to embrace their true selves.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

When I’m not creating music, I’m deeply passionate about bodybuilding and fitness, acting, performing, fishing, and skeet shooting. I love the art of storytelling and portraying different characters on screen. Acting allows me to express myself in a different medium and explore the depths of human emotions. Fitness, fishing and being outdoors allows me another outlet for my creativity and a way to connect with the world on a visual and visceral level.

Happiness to you is…

Happiness to me is being free, unchained and finding peace within myself, living authentically, and being surrounded by loved ones who support and inspire me. It’s the feeling of fulfillment that comes from pursuing my passions, connecting with others through my art, and making a positive impact on the world. That’s a major goal of mine, I want the world to become a happier, more entertaining place that allows people to escape the normal dreary complacencies that life usually offers.

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

I wish someone had told me that the journey is just as important as the destination. I have a life filled with experience which helps me always see over the horizon and It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of success and lose sight of the joy and growth that comes from the creative process. Embrace the ups and downs because your journey in this thing called life makes it hard but if you stay true to your vision, and remember that every step forward is a step closer to your goals in whatever industry you are in.

Tell us about your upcoming projects…

I’m excited to keep working on more music, I have some great songs that are all different from what I’ve released so far that I think will appeal to new audiences. I’m also working on some crazy TV projects that just might make your head blow up. Stay tuned.

Where do we find you music / music projects?

I’m on every platform you listen to music on: spotify, apple music, tidal, amazon music, pandora, iHeart radio, etc. I’m also on social media platforms to add my songs onto your posts: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Any last words for the readers?

I hope my music causes people to smile and laugh in their day. That’s my ultimate goal, to bring a moment of joy to someone’s day or to be a moment of reprieve to someone’s day. I hope I can be that for people.

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