Getting to know the future legend Prince O  

41B9D94A-BE6B-491B-A4BD-4C0BD21F33EB-396x500 Getting to know the future legend Prince O  

What’s up HiphopSince1987 viewers! Today we have a special interview with a musical talent that many may know by now! Prince-O has made many appearances recently including Scott Morris’ Daze Summit Music Festival & Conference in New York City. We managed to get an interview with him and got to know him better below!  

Prince-O, tell us about your journey into the world of hip-hop. What inspired you to pursue a music career? 

I pursued this career because it’s the one thing I get right. It’s the one thing I am respected for. I can’t see myself doing anything else. 

Can you share some of the musical influences that have shaped your unique style as an artist? 

I have the humor and fearlessness of 50 Cent, I have the work ethic of Michael Jackson, the passion of James Brown, and an innovative mind like Quincy Jones. 

Your latest single is “Under Your Nose”. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics and the overall vibe of the track? 

Under Your Nose was written to be pitched to Don Toliver but I decided to release it myself. It is a trap-style record that talks about me taking a girl from right up under someone’s nose, even if it’s her own.  

04E70A03-6A56-443F-96EB-A573D9346A59-500x495 Getting to know the future legend Prince O  

04E70A03-6A56-443F-96EB-A573D9346A59-500x495 Getting to know the future legend Prince O  

In the creative process, do you have a specific routine or ritual that helps you get into the right mindset when working on new music? 

I prioritize speed and a natural creative flow. I freestyle all my music, even the ballads and R&B joints. I never force it, the song has to write itself. Other than that I like to create alone or with other high-level creators that can push me creatively.  

How have your background and personal experiences influenced the themes and messages in your songs? 

I rap what I live for the most part. It was once said that “Life writes the best songs”  

Collaboration & fan support is key in the music industry. Are there any artists you dream of working with, and why? 

I’d love to work with Pharrell, he is a true visionary, and being with that kind of genius up close would be amazing. Offset, Quavo & Travis because our styles and vocal tones would complement one another it would be too crazy. Zaytoven for sure. 


What do you think sets your music apart from others in the hip-hop scene? What makes  Prince-O’s sound distinctive?

What sets me apart and distinguishes my sound are the pockets I find and my hooks. Since the time I was starting to figure out how to even record or write it was always my hooks that stood out and it holds to this day

Beyond the stage and studio, how do you stay connected with your fanbase and engage with them on a personal level? 

I stay connected on my channel on Instagram, we do giveaways, polls, etc. as well as our mailing list. You can sign up at           

As an artist, how do you navigate the ever-evolving music industry, especially with the rise of digital platforms? 

Get with it or get lost. I stay on top of all the changes and now have access to certain information before the general masses do, so it helps me stay in front of things. As a brand, I have to be able to adapt to the times. Not only adapt, but excel.  

Looking into the future, what are your goals and aspirations in your music career? Any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to? 

I will be dropping music frequently this year. I have collaborations planned with Ayo Fazo of course and Pop R&B singer Melissa B. as well as DJ PhantomNYC.  

Thank you Prince-O for sharing updates with one of the biggest hip-hop blogs out right now,  HipHopSince1987! We hope to see you again soon! 

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