Gotti Banxx Serves Music Video Of The Year | “See U Later”

Gotti Banxx, a Montreal based rapper, has surprised fans with an expected release of a music video for a single “See U Later”. The track tells a story of a toxic relationship, violent love, and abusive affections. The powerful visuals showcase Gotti Banxx’s dangerous relationship with a woman who puts him through hell. 

On the track, the rapper exposes his vulnerability which is emphasized by passionate and fire flow. Gotti Banxx proves again that he has an IT quality to be recognized as a remarkable artist to watch, and his songwriting skills are one of the best in the game. 

Musically, “See U Later” is Gotti Banxx’s most confident productions yet, joining a masterfully evocative combination of textures: chill R&B, harsh rap, bass synths, and drum machines.