Hanz & Reggie Volume Unveil Their Newest EP “BLACK MOSS”

BLACK MOSS is a talented East Coast-bred duo that has officially released its exploratory new 8-track project across all DSPs. With a sound they categorize as “warm punk,” BLACK MOSS details the American Dream and the essence of fate through a roller coaster audio experience that lands smoothly to the conclusion that nothing is more important than maintaining the creativity and passion that comes directly from your inner child.

Hanz is a Haitian-American emcee with a strong knack for weaving together quirky and introspective bars that beautifully express his profound thoughts for himself and others. After connecting with DMV Producer and DJ Reggie Volume in 2021 through BLDY RXSE, they have created game-changing music since then. Citing legends like The Neptunes and the short-lived supergroup Child Rebel Soldiers (Ye, Lupe Fiasco, and Pharrell)as inspirations, HANZ & Reggie Volume created their empowering world with their latest statement piece, BLACK MOSS.

Starting their dynamic rollout with “Fall In Line,” HANZ & Reggie Volume then followed up with their typical direct-to-consumer approach, which allowed supporters to purchase the tape on their website in tandem with the public release of their visuals for “STAR CHILE” and “INNERMISSION.” BLACK MOSS is fun, BLACK MOSS is heavy, and most importantly, BLACK MOSS is art. The Alt-Rap EP is an audio version of the conversation most people should have with themselves.

Press play on the new fire tape below!

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