Hopout Shawn Teams Up with YTB Fatt for “Pose” Video Single

Hopout Shawn‘s slick Southern smack talk has earned the attention of some of the most notable names in his region. The Memphis rapper takes the next step with “Pose,” his new single and music video. Defined by a creeping piano bassline and swirling arpeggios, Pose” is a loud-and-clear message from Shawn to the rest of the rap game, as he snaps a series of aspirational flexes that allude to big things in his future: “Finessin still scratchin’, rappin’, trappin’, got my pockets swole/Can’t wait til I get rich, now I’m goin’ where nobody knows,” spits Shawn. “Pose” will appear on SeventeenShawn’s upcoming debut mixtape, coming later this month.

With Seventeen on the way, which shows off Shawn’s talent and connects him with other notable street names, Hopout Shawn is ready to turn heads. Stay tuned for much more from the young rapper as the year moves on.

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