I.Am.Orange Shares His New Single “Any Worze”

Spencer Kumdis better known by his stage name i.am.orange but not known by his face (as he doesn’t have any), just released a new single titled “Any Worze”. Recently, the artist has shared with the world his new track called “Cool As Me” and shortly after surprised us all with his another release “Any Worze”. You simply can’t ignore the presence of i.am.orange’s signature melodies and vocals in “Any Worze” neither can you ignore his intricate lyrics.

The young artist continues to share his personal unhealthy relationship experience through slightly blurred vocals reflecting his mood that he doesn’t enjoy being used for passing time and for keeping someone amused. He speaks about his broken heart which hurts and he would have never thought that he could do much worse.

With his recent indie-pop tracks “Cool As Me” and “Any Worze” which brought to the i.am.orange about 815K monthly listeners, the artist reached a whole new level of recognition that he had never conquered before.