Intelligent Diva Releases Drops Music Visuals for Her Single So Lost 

Intelligent-Diva-500x375 Intelligent Diva Releases Drops Music Visuals for Her Single So Lost 

Intelligent Diva is a woman of many talents. There is nothing which ceases to amaze us, when it comes to her music. The single So Lost comes from her album “Music Is Art”.  She tells us once she decided to release music, her blueprint was also to help other independent artists.  Intelligent Diva wanted to inspire more independent music artists to treat their artistry like a business.  With everyone having a different direction for their career, it does not mean that your career path must be the same.  Intelligent Diva chose to establish her primary career before diving into music. She chose to go through the process herself. With so many lessons learned, she chose a different path which is in alignment for an artist who wants to choose to stay independent.

There are times when people don’t believe in you, and they can be negative. They watch your every move and often feel like you are lost and all over the place. This is because they have a different way of doing things. In their opinion, they may not even attempt to try what you’re doing.  Intelligent Diva expressed her feelings in her single one based on what she endured as an being an artist. But she kept going because she had a vision and conducted the research. She knew followed her own blueprint and invested in herself.  She named the single So Lost, in the background you can hear saying “Stop Feeling” because you should never embrace those negative thoughts. This is your dream.  The single is for everyone to relate to. 

The single “So Lost “is produced by SFR Beats and can be found on all music platforms.  You can check out more music by Intelligent Diva on all streaming platforms. 

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