Introducing L.B. ThatProducerGuy

Introducing L.B. ThatProducerGuy! — a rising music producer hailing from Jacksonville, Florida.
Having grown up in rough surroundings, L.B. looked for a positive outlet, which led him to music production. He realized he had the ability and talent to tell his story through instrumentals.

L.B. started making beats in 2007, and by 2012 he was creating on a professional level. Since then, he has landed multiple notable placements including XXL Magazine, E! Network, MotertrendTV, and SB Skooly, just to name a few on his ever-growing resume. He draws inspiration from the likes of Pharrell and Zaytoven, but has established a signature sound for himself through his unique process.

LB-Press-2 Introducing L.B. ThatProducerGuy

“I approach my process how I’d imagine a mad scientist might cook up in a lab. It’ll probably look like I’m doing a lot of random clicking and button mashing, but just know the finished product is going to be a heater!”

Last month, L.B. released a 6-track instrumental EP titled “ItIsWhatItIs,” and will soon follow-up with another addition, so stay tuned for that and more! The project is available across all major digital streaming platforms. Get familiar below and then be sure to keep up with all L.B. news and updates via Instagram.

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