J. Lee At His Prime Creative Shape On “Mask On My Heart,” “Make Her Mine,” and “Down”

California-based R&B and Hip-Hop artist/producer J. Lee, born in Seoul, South Korea, dropped three iconic tracks titled “Mask On My Heart,” “Make her Mine,” and “Down.” The artist is better known among the music industry’s different circles for licensing his self-produced music to major networks such as Netflix, PBS, MTV, NASCAR, and the Discovery Channel. However, with the release of these soulful singles, it is safe to claim that he started a new exciting path of his career as a rising urban star. The songs helped him showcase his talent as a performer and display his groovy, sensual, intimate, and warm signature-sound. Being inspired by artists like WRLD (RIP), Migos, and Post Malone, J. Lee feels the music in a certain way classical to the younger generation of urban creators. You can clearly sense the modern edginess and swag vibes in his compositions, yet they shine with their own standing out charm and uniqueness.