J. Lee Creates Powerful Sonic Designs On Latest Releases “Mask On My Heart,” ”Make Her Mine” and “Down”

With the ability to compose unique melodies, write lyrics, and deliver his versatile flow, the California-based Korean-American R&B and rising Hip-Hop artist J. Lee definitely stands out from the industry’s other emerging names. The promising young artist recently released three new tracks titled “Mask On My Heart,” “Make her Mine,” and “Down,” featuring Billboard artist Ted Park. The songs feature the best of R&B and hip-hop. J. Lee was obsessed with urban culture from a very young age. He has been mixing modern era production with melodic, soulful tunes. His delivery of R&B sounds both heavy-hitting and soothing, showcasing his versatile approach and ability to handle different moods on the same track. His music is timeless because it still manages to be impactful in each and every detail all the while sounding edgy. He clearly masters the art of music making in all its layers on the impressive sonic designs that are “Mask On My Heart,” “Make her Mine,” and “Down”.