Jay Fizzle Drops Brand New Single “Been Going Crazy”

Booming out of Memphis with an undeniable magnetism and a versatile flow that can pivot at a moment’s notice, Jay Fizzle is the latest Paper Route Empire artist to profess his mastery of money making. Returning to lead by example with a fresh hustler’s anthem, the Memphis native shares, “Been Going Crazy,” his new video single. The track finds Fizzle skating over a hard-nosed trap instrumental as he weaves his flow through thumping snares, finding fertile ground to illustrate the expanse of his spoils: “I used to be broke ’til I stopped being lazy/Now my pockets so fat like it’s pregnant with babies.”

Directed by Two Brothers, the video for “Been Going Crazy” captures a day in the life of a go-getter of Fizzle’s caliber. Whether he’s hitting the body shop to trick out his Dodge with a new scat pack, or doing routes in a Jeep truck with a trunk full of loud packs, Fizzle’s on the move from start to finish as he continues his hot streak in the streets.

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