Kentucky Unleashed

Itsthehypeman releases “If You Aint” with song producer Fredi Handshoe and beat producer Dumbway Beatz.

The beat bops. The lyrics hit. The song flows. This collaboration left nothing on the table when feeding their cities with the new single “If You Ain’t” featuring Itsthehypeman. Released on all major platforms for you to listen today!

After listening to the new single and speaking with Nick about the release it’s apparent he will stop at nothing to keep his spot in the industry. Nick told us early in the week “I wanted to give a grunge style to this song and give my fans more of my identity. I reached out to Dumbway and Fredi to make that happen. I believe the world will enjoy this one.”

The artist keeps the list growing from representing companies as an ambassador, industry collaborations, and multiple single releases. What will this artist bring to the table next?

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