King Music Corp. CEO ‘GUAP’ Is Named One of Hip-Hop’s 2023 Power Players

Many industry insiders within the hip-hop industry mention ‘GUAP’, CEO of King Music Corp. and publishing company KMC Publishing Worldwide, as one of 2023 hip-hop key power players.

Hailing from a poverty stricken area in Eastern North Carolina (the poorest area of the state), GUAP managed to maneuver his way to the top. After just a few short years in business, King Music Corp’s catalog boasts millions of streams, dozens of hits on the hip-hop Top 40 charts and a number of major deals. All done independently.

How a brand-new company has made its mark in the Hip-Hop genre (and publishing space in general) so quickly is thanks in part to KMC’s unique, creator-led perspective and vision.

Of his love and work in the Hip-Hop genre, specifically, GUAP said: “You know, the streets come with pain and murder thats just how it go so I wanted to see how I could change our life. I was the chosen one, I’m the leader and I wanted to do something different. I lost too much, too many people died for this sh*t, you know. I already had plenty money, so it wasn’t about the bag, its about the structure. I really studied the game and every n*gga that ever did what I’m doing because I’m really about my ceo sh*t.”

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