Listen To The Surreal Combination Of Neoclassical, Folk-Rock & Jazz In Nraakors’ New Album Hoppel Poppel

If you haven’t yet, we strongly advise music fans to have a listen to Iowa-based band Nraakors’ new project, the album Hoppel Poppel. Packed with nineteen diverse tracks, Hoppel Poppel is the ideal tracklist to get lost in to escape our daily routine that sometimes gets a little too repetitive. Nraakors’ unique creativity and approach to music is what proves to be the most memorable element of this record. Few bands have the vision, generosity and openness of mind to build an album where neoclassical compositions, folk-rock songs, and Jazz pieces coexist through a meticulously calculated chronology that demonstrates its fluidity throughout. During 59 minutes, Nraakors have managed to offer a surreal listening experience to listeners who will have the privilege of enjoying James Kasper, Joseph Norman, and Gigi Macabre’s striking creativity while being taken from one genre to another and back in an unpredictable yet fully coherent way.