M Pawer Making Waves in the Music Industry

M-Pawer-the-rap-straight-at-camera-500x500 M Pawer Making Waves in the Music Industry

M Pawer surprising the world with four new tracks this Autumn. First on October the 8th 2023 Jamanji was released produced by Mdara Empire from Johannesburg, South Africa it creates a beautiful mix with M Pawer bringing funny relatable lyrics and a unique flow. Then we were blessed with Fronteiras e Amor a beautiful mix of Fado and Trap, produced by Leafness from Finland and Alexandra Barbosa from Portugal and her enchanting voice, with M Pawer coming in with some hard powerful rap. Got No Sleep produced by OBMP came in as a fun track with a satirical aspect too life. This brings us to What Will It Take a hard hitting political song focusing on current events, bringing hope and alternatives to the narrative. So search “M Pawer What Will It Take” now on all platforms and be apart of the movement.

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