Macklemore Drops ‘Trump’s Over Freestyle’

As Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, Macklemore celebrated the end of Donald Trump’s presidency by dropping his “Trump’s Over Freestyle” on Inauguration Day.

He starts off by calling out the “high-fiving, MAGA white boys, drinking White Claws” and the Capitol riots. “Double standard once the white folks went and tried it,” he raps. He also takes aim at the “liberals out there being silent while Black people dying at the hands of police violence.”

“I’ll give it to you pro Bono, U2 are the problem,” the Seattle rapper says before acknowledging his own white privilege. “Comfy in my privilege, like should I risk all this?”

He then declares, “Trump’s over! He lost / Social media kicked him off, he gone / Throw a party on the White House lawn, retire the liar / Impeach that orange ho, so long you’re fired.”

While he may be celebrating the end of the Trump era, Macklemore takes the opportunity to criticize the new president. “Biden my dog but he’s close to getting put down / Surprise! Another old white guy in the house / Who’s fine, we just hold our breath when he opens his mouth.”

His daughter Sloane also joins the “Trump’s Over” party, declaring, “Donald Trump is gone!”

Macklemore has been an outspoken critic of Trump in the past, appearing on the 2016 remix to YG’s “FDT.”