Marcus Green Releases New Song and Visual “Tired”

Toronto delivers another hit artist Marcus Green, who just released his new single “Tired” paired with a visually appetizing music video:

Marcus Green is delivering music that sounds like a Top 40 hit from Lil Baby and is absolutely worth the listen. Marcus has been making music since 2011 when he started with DJ Laz Vagez, he was one of the very first artists to start making Melodic Trap when it wasn’t as popular as it is now.

Marcus Green has been in the shadows of the music industry making major moves, songwriting with Bobby Luv who is Chris Brown’s Songwriter, and they have a few sounds in Vault with rising star Notifi. He has been traveling across the US in studio with major players like Young Thug and witnessed the making of “currently incarcerated” on RICO Charges and has been backstage at Rolling loud and hanging with Ghazi the founder of Empire and CashXO who is behind The Weeknd, making strategic moves for his Music career.

Marcus is easily a must add to your playlist!

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