Max Barskih’s Fans Asked For It: Ukrainian Singer Drops First English Single (Official Music Video)

Ukrainian singer-songwriter Max Barskih took his music career to a whole new level by releasing his very first English single with a music video. According to the artist, this track is the first and not the last surprise he has prepared for his fans! There will be a whole album of English songs, so, if you were waiting for your favorite artist to expand his audience and treat you with completely different works, the time has finally come for you to enjoy what he has produced for you! 

The song titled “Just Fly” is a perfect example of how one should set their feelings, emotions, and fantasies free, and fly unto find new exciting stories and adventures. As the artist mentions himself, the song is an energetic and optimistic mantra, something that all of us need these days. Also, the lyrics are a quick reminder for listeners to “keep their head up high” and show a positive attitude towards everything that life throws at them! 

The music video, with 12M views on Youtube, is all about colors and dance moves, and is inspired by Woody Allen’s style and approach toward cinema, creating a perfect vibe of freedom, love, and energy. In the film, the main character dances-off his way through life, not forgetting to enjoy every single moment of the journey. 
Max Barskih is already a well-known name in the music industry with hits like “Bestseller,” “Silence,” “Mists,” and “Just Fly” is yet another addition to his collection of top tracks; a promising start of this new chapter in the artist’s career.