Meet Fiery Alabama Duo: 2Hitz

Atlanta, GA – Meet the fiery music duo, 2Hitz hailing from the heart of Alabama. Fueled by their passion for music and driven by their authentic styles, 2Hitz are emerging as an unstoppable force in the industry. With their distinct personalities and unique musical approach, the duo aims to bring joy, energy, and relatability to their listeners, making an indelible mark on the music scene.

Lyke, the creative soul, is on a mission to achieve unparalleled success in the music world. Her music is more than just entertainment; it’s therapeutic and healing for the soul. Lyke pours her heart and emotions into her music, creating an undeniable connection with her audience. Despite her inherent shyness, her lively and goofy persona shines through in her performances, captivating the crowd with her infectious energy.

On the other side of the stage stands Nae, the life of the party, determined to get everyone moving to her irresistible beats. Her goal is simple – to turn up the energy and make every moment unforgettable. Nae’s music is a perfect blend of relatability and humor, striking a chord with people from all walks of life. Her vibrant and outgoing nature brings an electrifying atmosphere to their performances.

United by their passion for music and a shared vision, 2Hitz form an unbeatable duo, creating an unmatched synergy on and off stage. Together, they bring a unique fusion of authenticity and energy, leaving audiences wanting more. Check out their newest single “Don’t matter “ out now.

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