Meet Rohi.Rackss: From Classroom Beats to Chart Heat

Rohi.Rackss--428x500 Meet Rohi.Rackss: From Classroom Beats to Chart Heat

It’s not every day that we witness a star being born right from the hallowed halls of academia. In a world that reveres autotune over authenticity and sensationalism over soul, Rohi.Rackss emerges as a breath of fresh air. This young man has recently been creating waves in the Hip-Hop/R&B genre, and if you haven’t tuned into his magic yet, you’re seriously missing out!

Born and raised in a household where luxuries weren’t aplenty, Rohi.Rackss found solace in music. But this isn’t a rags-to-riches cliché. No. It’s a story of a boy who simply felt unheard, so he turned to melodies and lyrics as companions. Those humble beginnings, however, have morphed into a fiery passion, one that aims to etch his name in the annals of music history.

How does one transition from a silent observer to a creator of beats and narratives? Enter Josh, a high school buddy who introduced Rohi.Rackss to the mystical world of meshing vocals with beats through a nifty app called ‘take.’ As Rohi.Rackss delved deeper into this realm, another friend, Kennedy, played the role of destiny’s compass, pointing him towards Wavyboy Ty. With inspirations like these, it was no surprise when Rohi.Rackss decided to invest in his very own studio.

Rohi.Rackss’s latest track, “Remember/Baby Flow,” now available on all platforms, is a testament to his unique approach to the genre. Instead of resorting to superficial narratives, Rohi.Rackss speaks to those who see music as a reflection of world issues. His lyrics act like a mirror to society, prompting listeners to introspect while bobbing their heads to his addictive beats.

When asked about his future in the industry, Rohi.Rackss’s response was tinged with the kind of optimism that can only come from unshakable self-belief. He envisions himself leaving an indelible mark, one where his tracks become the go-to remedy for souls seeking solace in song.

Every trailblazer has pearls of wisdom to share, and Rohi.Rackss is no different. His message to budding entrepreneurs and artists? “Always have faith in your craft. Know yourself, because that knowledge trumps any external opinion.”

The path of creativity is seldom without hurdles. For Rohi.Rackss, juggling the rigors of college and personal issues sometimes stymies his creative process. But his secret weapon? A tenacious spirit that filters out negativity and persists regardless of the odds.

Rohi.Rackss is more than just a college student moonlighting as an artist. He’s the embodiment of resilience, passion, and talent. As we eagerly await his EP, named ‘Rohi,’ dropping on Nov 10th, one thing is clear: the future of Hip-Hop/R&B looks bright with artists like him.

In the words of the man himself: “Music and friends kept me going.” And with his latest offerings, he’s sure to keep all of us grooving for a long time to come!

To be a part of his musical journey, follow Rohi.Rackss on Instagram.

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