Meet Singer-Songwriter Traveller | “Virus Going Round”

Singer-songwriter Traveller is releasing his brand new song titled “Virus Going Round,” a vibrant ballad in the pure tradition of artists like Bob Dylan’s works, with whom he has often been compared. The talented artist has dropped a song crafted for the Covid-19 situation, uplifting audiences with a pure and blissful sound. Traveller has also recently released “Pieces Of Zurich,” the first single off his upcoming album Tin Can World, to be released this year. Folk-pop and folk-rock are unbelievably well executed on this fantastic track about the virus, and Traveller’s heartfelt lyric and strong ability at conveying his emotions and visions on “Virus Going Round” is set to take the folk music world by storm and strengthen his presence as a generous, people driven artist, who always directs his energy towards inspiring and cheering-up the listener.