Meet TR3W3y & GordyBEATS

IMG_20231124_235035_848-1-500x500 Meet TR3W3y & GordyBEATS

TR3W3Y and his cousin GordyBEATS is the team you’ve all been waiting for…Apart from each other, they were great, but together they’re AMAZING! Releasing a hit single titled “Sick N Tired”, these two have been doing outstanding. No matter what the people say, even close friends or family, they keep pushing.

TR3W3Y and GordyBEATS execute a very original and unique style. From creative beats to a mixture of some old and modern flows. In less than a year, they’ve managed to accumulate over 500k streams/views, and word is – that’s only the beginning! TR3W3Y and GordyBEATS have very much proven that their music will be around for life.

From us to the people, we suggest you all tune in with them, and DON’T miss a beat!

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