Method Man’s Daughter Chey Shines Bright On ‘Sway’s Universe’

180FE2FF-86FE-4AFA-8F0E-FBDEC448E5FA-333x500 Method Man’s Daughter Chey Shines Bright On 'Sway’s Universe'

The daughter of the iconic emcee Method Man and New York native, Chey has recently been making her own mark on the game with a infectious personality that goes with his ingenious talent. Her skill has been recognized by Andscape of ESPN and Vibe which puts her among a league of her own among the new stars of hip hop.

Now she adds a candid interview and freestyle with the iconic Sway! With grace and persona Chey shines brightly on the legendary journalist’s platform that garnered the attention of everyone worldwide.

A special and game changing talent, keep Chey on your radar among the bright young stars of the game. Her whole music catalog is phenomenal.

Watch below.

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