Multi-Talented Artist, Sensory Psyche Releases A Magical New EP and Single Entitled, ‘The Perfect Day’

It’s truly a perfect time to listen to Sensory Psyche’s ‘The Perfect Day,’ which incorporates fresh beats, unique vocalizations, and a heartwarming message. Born and raised in Bangladesh, Sensory Psyche spent the first 15 years of her life wondering why the citizens of the world treat each other in the poor manner that they do. Upon arriving to the U.S., she quickly noticed how people were forgetting where they came from, not valuing one another, and many were changing their self identity due to the wealth they were slowly attaining. This caused a ruckus in Sensory Psyche’s emotions and feelings, leading her to become the bedroom artist that she is.  

As she began to organize her thoughts and transcend them onto paper, she started to create and produce a masterpiece. In ‘The Perfect Day,’ the skillful creator describes what her ideal day would entail. The colorful and feel good visuals of the music video vividly display an animated girl waking up in the morning, brushing her teeth, feeling the divine sunlight on her face as she gets her hands on some of her favorite dishes.  By listening to her single and EP Sensory Psyche hopes that it will bring people closer together to create a whole world rather than broken parts. Her music has the power of delivering happiness, compassion and peace to those who listen and support this bighearted singer. Check out her music video of ‘The Perfect Day’ below!