Musician, Ygtheboy drops his new hit “Flexin”

Musician, Ygtheboy released his single titled, “Flexin”, which amplifies the jersey club vibe. Ygtheboy takes his talents to the dance music scene, displaying a melodic bounce in his cadences. He expresses the feeling of flexing on haters and the feeling of being on top with no time for distractions. Known to his listeners, Ygtheboy’ music promotes freedom of expression, living to the fullest, partying and doesn’t hold back from breaking barriers. The song has a contagious effect that makes you want to dance while providing a sonic vocal pitch to it. Ygtheboy’s sound possesses the ability to alternate into high energy and rapid delivery as well as laid back vocals. Whether you are at a party, out with your friends or just want self motivation to “flex” on others, “Flexin” is the right song to show it off.

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