Myles Brando Releases “She Ready 2” featuring Lola Brooke, Eric Bellinger, and Byron Messia

unnamed-1-2 Myles Brando Releases “She Ready 2” featuring Lola Brooke, Eric Bellinger, and Byron Messia

Canarsie singer, songwriter, and rapper Myles Brando released the first version of “She Ready” back in June. It quickly took off across the country, and additionally in the UK, Canada, and throughout Europe, accumulating over 2 million streams on Apple + Spotify plus over 500k views on the music video. Recently this month, we launched an open verse challenge on social media to gear up for this release. It exceeded expectations, with over 1 million impressions in the short period of time since its inception.

“She Ready 2” now has Myles calling on Lola Brooke, Eric Bellinger, and Byron Messia to add all their different styles and abilities on one reloaded version. The record starts with a powerful horn progression and Lola showcasing her raw, gritty vocals with Myles following her up. It then heads to the West Coast with Eric Bellinger, and closes out with Byron Messia giving us a trip to Kingston. This is truly a world record with the incorporation of Jamaican steel drums, to the ad-libs, and the horn section. 

Coming from a Haitian household exposed Myles to a wide array of music at an early age, with his parents discovering his passion for music at two years old. He would go around his house singing everything from Kanye and Adam Levine to Alicia Keys. Fostering this talent, Myles’ aunt encouraged him to audition for the Young People’s Chorus of NYC where he performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and The MET. From there he went on to be accepted into the vocal studio at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts where he further honed in on his vocal training. Currently he’s enrolled at the Roc Nation School of Music at LIU-Brooklyn. 

Myles shares, working with Lola [Brooke], Eric [Bellinger], and Byron [Messia] on this reloaded version, “Words can’t express how proud I am of myself and how grateful I am for the faith and support around me. A big shout out to the team, family, Lola, Eric, and Byron for contributing to the remix. Thank you!.” 

The sky is truly the limit for this budding artist from Canarsie. He’s not playing into any gimmicks or antics, and just letting the music shine through for what it is. With his raw singing ability combined with his ability to find a pocket to rap, shows his true versatility as an artist. 

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