NewAlbumAlert: Trending Kentucky Rapper Sonny Bleu Announces “OuttaTheBleu” Album

“Rock Out” isn’t just any melody—it’s a wolf call for the hustlers, resonating with listeners from all walks with its motivational lyrics and harmonious guitar harmonies. From the thoroughfares of Louisville to bustling urban centers worldwide, Sonny Bleu’s proclamation of resilience and tenacity resonates, galvanizing listeners to stop dreaming and get ish done. Similar to the timeless classic, “Git Up, Git Out” by legendary Atlanta duo Outkast featuring Andre 3000 and Big Boi. Hell of a comparison? Of course, because this artist truly deserves it. 

Sonny Bleu, the rising star from the heart of Kentucky, has recently unveiled the exciting news of his upcoming album, “Outta The Bleu,” sending waves of anticipation rippling through his fan base. With his electrifying presence and infectious beats, Sonny’s announcement has sparked a frenzy of excitement among his dedicated followers, who eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience his new music live. Having been on the road since the dawn of 2024, touring alongside his fellow Rise Up labelmates, Sonny Bleu’s loyal supporters are more enthusiastic than ever to attend his shows, eager to witness firsthand the evolution of this burgeoning rap sensation. 

Sonny’s voyage to triumph is a testimony to his inherent talent, unwavering drive, and strategic partnerships that have propelled him to eminence. A pivotal moment in Sonny’s journey came when he intersected with industry veteran JuiceKarter, thanks to his intimate comrade and fellow artist Big Vonno from Lexington, NC. 

Acknowledging Sonny’s potential, Big Vonno introduced him to JuiceKarter and the Rise Up Music Group ensemble. With JuiceKarter’s mentorship, Sonny’s journey commenced its rise to stardom. Sonny Bleu’s individual “Rock Out” garnered momentum, captivating audiences globally and accruing a devoted fanbase. The music video directed by the one and only elite visual artist Desmond Peals, further solidified Sonny’s status as an artist to watch in 2024.

In a mere two months since he began management with Rise Up Music Group, Sonny Bleu’s swift rise stands as validation of their effective strategies. With each month that passes by, Sonny continues to captivate audiences with his electrifying presence and undeniable music, establishing himself as a formidable entity in the rap domain. 

Since the inception of 2024, Sonny Bleu has been in motion, embarking on excursions across Georgia alongside other Rise Up artists, including Kan3, Tezo Da Macc, Big Vonno, Big Diva, and others. Orchestrated by JuiceKarter, these campaigns have not only showcased Sonny’s talents to novel audiences but have also cemented his repute as a luminary to monitor in the industry.

Amidst the buzz surrounding Sonny Bleu, he announced his new album titled “Outta The Bleu,” slated for release on March 1st. Featuring eight compositions, including favorites like “Love & Basketball,” “Rock Out,” and “Sex On The Beach,” the album pledges to be a highly anticipated listen for Sonny Bleu fanatics worldwide. 

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