NLNT Chavez’s Musical Odyssey: Overcoming Struggles, Finding Peace, and Inspiring Through Music 

Screenshot-2023-12-07-161213 NLNT Chavez's Musical Odyssey: Overcoming Struggles, Finding Peace, and Inspiring Through Music 

NLNT Chavez, an 18-year-old artist and student majoring in commercial music: technology at East Los Angeles College, shares his journey from the streets of Rosemead to the music studios, revealing a life filled with challenges, inspirations, and an unwavering love for music.

Raised in a small apartment shared with his single mother, two siblings, and uncles, NLNT Chavez recalls his childhood filled with basketball, soccer, and the valuable lessons learned from coaches and teammates. His diverse upbringing in areas like San Gabriel Valley, Alhambra, and Monterey Park exposed him to various influences, shaping his musical journey.

NLNT Chavez’s entry into the world of music occurred at the age of 15 during the quarantine, with guidance from Sxint Dezzo. As he immersed himself in the art of music, he found solace and purpose, breaking free from the financial struggles that often plagued his family. However, the biggest battle he faced was internal – overcoming depression. While he remains private about the details, he emphasizes that he has found peace and a newfound clarity about his life goals.

Musically, NLNT Chavez draws inspiration from iconic figures like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Capital Steez. Their discographies have not only influenced his flow, wordplay, and delivery but also played a pivotal role in his mental and artistic growth.

NLNT Chavez’s music serves a greater purpose beyond personal expression. He aspires to inspire, connect, and uplift his audience. Through his lyrics, he invites listeners to relate to his experiences, fostering a sense of connection and shared emotions.

Driven by an innate love for music, NLNT Chavez expresses a continuous desire to create and collaborate. His greatest achievement, he says, is not just in releasing music but in seeing his visions come to life through music videos. His recent release, “2manyFaces.nt,” is a testament to this, a visual translation of his artistic vision.

Collaborating primarily with $HÜGØ and Sxint Dezzo, NLNT Chavez describes his music-making process as a collaborative effort. Whether the energy is deep or energetic, NLNT Chavez adapts his verses to complement the mood set by his collaborators.

Looking ahead, NLNT Chavez expresses a keen interest in working with the legendary Kanye West, citing admiration for his generational impact and unparalleled creativity. Meanwhile, a new single, “biggiver,” featuring NLNT Chavez, is on the horizon, with an accompanying music video scheduled for release.

Beyond his music career, NLNT Chavez wears many hats. He manages artists $HÜGØ and Sxint Dezzo, showcases his artistic skills through drawing and photography, and balances it all with his studies at ELAC, basketball-related jobs, and a 9-5 commitment.

NLNT Chavez invites his audience to follow his journey on Instagram, where sneak peeks of his upcoming projects, such as the “biggiver” music video, can be found. As he continues to navigate his path in the music industry, NLNT Chavez stands as a rising artist with a passion for creating original, impactful, and authentic music.

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