NoSleepCity Pays Tribute to Motherhood with “Hey Mama” Release

You hear all the time that a boy’s first love is usually his mom & Chicago artist NoSleepCity expresses just that in his upcoming release “Hey Mama” a blend of soulful sounds & booming 808’s.

The lyrics of this witty ballad dedicated to his mom take you down the road of what makes a mom a mom, overall patience & dedication to the children she’s birthed. City recollects on being in the hospital after being shot several times in the city of Chicago yet his mother never leaving even going as far as to sleep near his bedside most nights. He says “It was a crazy time for me i’m sure that it was even crazier for her going through the situation, im forever grateful to her for that”

“Hey Mama” the single & video performance shot with Belvy Films is set to release Friday May 10th, 2024 just 2 days before mothers day & will be on all major streaming platforms.

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