Phil Johnson’s “Blue Code Of Silence” Powerfully Blends Vision And Poetry

Phil Johnson ‘s “Blue Code Of Silence,” FT Phil (Tre) 111 powerfully blends vision and poetry, on a track that denounces police brutality, in light of the recent events that took place in the United States of America in 2020. However, Phil Johnson’s song shows that the root of the problem goes far beyond and before 2020, and is just the kind of issue that hasn’t been properly dealt with in any way before, which explains the ongoing situation today. Phil Johnson has always had music and poetry running through his veins, and the inspiring lyrics listeners will discover on “Blue Code Of Silence” is one way of playing his part as an artist fully aware of the society he lives in, helping others realize the systemic problems that are continuously increasing instead of being solved. From the song to the music video, everything fits to perfection on Phil Johnson’s new song, while we expect a new song from the very, very talented artist.