Premiere: Justin S. Grant Finally Shares Visuals For His Inspiring Cover Of The Beatles’ Classic Song – “Let It Be”

American recording artist Justin S. Grant is finally sharing visuals for his critically praised cover of the Beatles’ classic song, “Let It Be.”  His unique mix between soft-rock and soothing vocals harnesses the epitome of a magnificently executed cover, and we all know how that task can prove to be tricky. 

The music video is an ideal way to sustain the audience’s attention, as Grant has meticulously produced a transportative clip where he appears solitary on a beach with his only friend being his guitar. 

The LA-based singer-songwriter has once again put forward an undeniable piece of art, displaying his artistic tenure in the quality of his performing skills and production taste, with David Abrams unveiling a fantastic performance on guitar.  The power of Justin’s ability to convey emotional range instantly evokes the essence of the song’s message. 

 Justin’s smooth and well-balanced vocals undeniably celebrate the depth of the human experience, putting listeners in a place where the body no longer feels the weight of reality. 

Justin S. Grant has been having an amazing year, artistically speaking, dropping multiple singles and music videos, so make sure to check out his other releases such as “Don’t Go” or “Furgo N’ Ice,” two of our favorites by the talented singer-songwriter. 

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