Rock Duo Blakk Mantra Release Their EP Titled Welcome To El Rey Blvd

The Denver, Colorado-based rock band Blakk Mantra couldn’t have kicked off the rollout of their Welcome To El Rey Blvd EP at a more appropriate time. As the world had to go into lockdown, listeners can enjoy to the fullest the beautiful tracks placed on this EP, with the fitting title “Perhaps We’ll Live” and “Queen of Infinite Space.”
Blakk Mantra deliver a perfectly compressed EP that underlines their uniqueness and strength as a rock band while continuing their contribution to keeping the world moving forward and spreading the feeling of unity, peace, and love on earth which is facing difficulties because of the recent challenges.
Welcome To El Rey Blvd might not be the best work by the band yet but it will unquestionably gain them massive public recognition, as it is their most hard-hitting set of tracks that defines them as visionary artists.

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